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Chief Marketing Officer


Responsible for all marketing activities of Pharmacity and is accountable for the delivery of the Company sales, profit and brand awareness. The Chief Marketing Officer is responsible for the creation and execution of the marketing strategy, ensuring the Company strategy plan can be met.


  1. Develop divisional/ departmental organizational structure, job descriptions, process, budget to perform the company strategies/goals. Ensure periodical review or whenever necessary;
  2. Develop divisional/ departmental and individual KPIs, do alignment with direct line manager and ensure the target achievement;
  3. Set targets to subordinates by assigning KPIs, giving instructions, supporting for achieving the targets and ensuring performance appraisal as requested;
  4. Build-up and develop the team, organize and assign tasks, manage the team performance; implement the employees’ competence evaluation and have professional development activities to fix gap between the current and expectation;
  5. Deliver training of processes, procedures, work standards/ instructions to subordinates, and ensure the compliance within the delegated function;
  6. Create best practices for the teams in the systematic approach and ensure activities are delivered in line with these best practices (Includes SOPs, process, policies, work instructions, improvement ideas);
  7. Identify risks that may arise in divisional/ departmental scope of work, detect and promptly handle all potential risks, minimize damage to company;
  8. Ensure there are no serious, systematic and repeatable mistakes/ violations in the Division/ department/ section which have not been detected and overcome;
  9. Motivate, encourage employee engagement and ensure a positive work environment;
  10. Strive to reach the Company’s Vision and live with our Core Values: Integrity –Because in the matter – Data driven – Service culture – Customer experience.


  1. Build and Lead the Marketing team across assigned functions of Marketing Execution, Marketing Technology, and CRM & Partnership to enable KPI delivery;
  2. Develop and implement marketing strategy to ensure company 3-years plan is delivered;
  3. Ownership of creating a customer offer which will ensure in year P&L is delivered;
  4. Create the Business Strategy in related to company brand and marketing execution;
  5. Develop new platforms that may support to increase productivity via digital solutions;
  6. Create best practice for the teams and sure activities are delivered in line with this best practice (Includes SOPs, Process, Policies);
  7. Responsible for learning and applying new modern structures, methodologies, technologies to enhance productivity, and delivery the strategy of talents development in team.


  • Bachelor or advanced Degree (Marketing, Business Administration).
  • Excellent English.
  • 10 years+ in Marketing with broad knowledge in multiple markets.
  • Proven success in multiple roles.
  • Excellent marketing skills and knowledge.
  • Proven Leadership skills, Strategic Thinking.
  • Communication, Networking.
  • Ability to create & maintain strong relationships and partnership.
  • Travel when required.


  • Attractive salary.
  • Professional working environment.
  • Social insurance as Labor law.
  • 13th month salary.
  • KPI bonus and salary review.

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