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Legal Manager

Job Purpose or Summary

To ensure that the organization has adhered to the laws and regulations of the country.

Main Responsibilities


  • Develop the team organizational structure, job descriptions, budget to perform the company strategies/goals; ensure periodical review or whenever necessary;
  • Develop divisional/departmental and individual KPIs, do alignment with direct line manager and ensure the target achievement; cascade targets to subordinates by assigning KPIs, giving instructions, supporting for achieving the targets and ensuring performance appraisal as requested;
  • Build-up and develop the team, organize and assign tasks, manage the team performance; implement the employees’ competence evaluation and have professional development activities to fix gap between the current and expectation;
  • Deliver training of processes, procedures, work standards/instructions to subordinates, and ensure the compliance within the delegated functions;
  • Motivate, encourage employee engagement and ensure a positive work environment;
  • Strive to reach the Company’s Vision and live with our Core Values: Integrity – Be Cause In The Matter – Data Driven – Serve Faithfully – Customer experience.


  • Provide legal opinions, advise legal/regulatory issues, prepare/finalize legal documents for day-today works of all department, including but not limited to the corporate business license (DPI, GPP, GDP, Certificate of Food Hygiene and Safety, Fire Protection certificate, Import license,…), power of attorney, minutes of meeting or any similar documents in relation to the Company;
  • Build a legal model to support the assessment of opportunities and potentials to conduct mergers and acquisitions.
  • Work directly with the Finance & Accounting Department and internal legal review team to support all legal issues arising from project implementation.
  • Handle regulatory issues including governmental filings, licenses, approvals and registration of the company and project.
  • Negotiate, review and draft contracts, corporate documents and other legal documents of the company.
  • Negotiate and draft legal documents including transaction documents, agreements, etc… and monitor execution of these agreements.
  • Ensure all to investment licenses, Branch Licenses, Share Certificates are renewed, upgraded on time, valid at all time and in line with constantly changing laws and business models of the Company.
  • Manage business risk through appropriate legal structures, processes and communication in line with the laws of Vietnam.
  • Review and provide legal advice related to company’s business;
  • Review and follow up lawsuits and give appropriate legal advice;
  • Advise and organize meetings of the Board of Directors, General Meeting of Shareholders: preparing documents, invitations, drafting reports of the Board of Directors, Minutes, Resolutions of the Board of Directors / General Meeting of Shareholders;
  • Draft documents of the meetings of the Board of Directors and the General Meeting of Shareholders.
  • Represent the Company in disputes, challenges and/or litigation (if any) in relation to all company operations and tax matters (if any);
  • Take leads and/or actively participates in cross-functional projects;
  • Maintain good relationships with relevant authorities to support the start-up of new stores.


  • Education: Bachelor or advanced degree
  • Professional major: Law
  • 2nd language ability: Fluent English (4 skills)
  • Computer usage ability: Microsoft Office (word, excel, power-point)
  • At least 05 years working for law firms/consulting companies or holds similar position within multinational corporations
  • Deep understanding legal framework applicable to pharmaceutical industry;
  • Deep understanding commercial laws including contract, investment, commercial, intellectual property law (trademark law) land law, banking and labor law;
  • Good knowledge of all the key global, regional and national influences on the legal environment of pharmaceutical and retails industry;
  • Good understanding of taxation system of Vietnam;
  • Good understanding of the process of enactment of legislation;
  • Good knowledge of court procedures.
  • Able to demonstrate strong people leadership and management skills
  • Travels when required

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